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Lochranza Castle

Isle of Arran

Originally a Hall House, the castle was later converted by the Stewarts.

Falkland Palace


Originally a castle, James IV transformed Falkland into a luxurious Palace.

Flint Castle


The first of Edward I's Welsh fortresses.

Fort Paull

East Riding of Yorkshire

A battery built in 1861 to protect Hull.

Plympton Castle


A motte and bailey castle built circa-1100.

Windsor Castle


A Norman castle that now serves as a Royal Palace.

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Mortimer's Cross (1461)

Following the death of Richard, Duke of York it was left to his son - Edward, Earl of March - to continue the fight for the English throne. However, first he needed to ensure the security of his Herefordshire estates from Lancastrian forces. Edward achieved this at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross (1461) where he decisively defeated a hostile army under Jasper Tudor, Earl of Pembroke.

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Latest Battlefields:

Powick Bridge (1642)

Throughout Summer 1642 both King and Parliament started mustering military forces in anticipation of civil war. As the two armies grew in size, an engagement between them became inevitable and it finally occurred at Powick Bridge on 23 September 1642. As Parliamentary forces attempted to intercept a Royalist convoy leaving Worcester, they were attacked and defeated by Prince Rupert.

Methven (1306)

In early 1306 Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick gambled all on a rebellion against Edward I. He murdered his rival, Sir John Comyn, and was crowned King of Scotland. However, the campaign did not start well when an English force under Aymer de Valence virtually destroyed Bruce’s fledgling army at the Battle of Methven (1306).