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Thank you for visiting and using this website. Your support is very much appreciated and I hope you enjoy the content and find it useful. The information below is intended to answer the most common questions, including licensing of photographs for use in other publications, but please do not hesitate to get in touch should you require any further information.


James Lancaster



The Tower of London (click here for article)

What is the aim behind the CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk website?


The aim of CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk is to promote awareness, understanding and interest in British fortifications through generation of a bibliography of such structures across the United Kingdom.  Each article aspires to meet the following objectives:


1. Provide a plain English historical outline of each site with particular emphasis on framing its role in a political, military and landscape context.


2. For sites that are accessible to the public, provide details of what is there plus satellite navigation information, access arrangements and car parking options.


3. Offer a visual record of the site plus supporting information and media to enhance understanding of the site.



Do you make a profit?


No. CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk is an independent and non-profit making website run for purely altruistic reasons. This ensures the site can publish articles free from any commercial or external interest.



"Missing" castles, forts and battlefields!


Launched in August 2013, CastlesFortsBatles.co.uk is intended as a twenty year project. The UK has thousands of sites that justify a mention and it is the author’s intention to capture as many as possible. However, it takes time! A location won’t be listed until researched and visited at least once. Please bear with us whilst the site reaches maturity. Please note that most battles are hosted on our sister site, BattlefieldsofBritain.co.uk



Is CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk affiliated to English Heritage / National Trust / Historic Scotland / CADW etc?


No. CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk is an independent website that has no links or association with any organisations linked with the content. The fundamental concept of this site is that a free to access, unmanned site should get the same recognition as major tourist destinations.



I disagree with a ‘fact’ made on the website


Everything in history can be debated and, despite best intentions, there will always be disputed points or alternative interpretations. If you strongly disagree with a point made on the website then please bring it to the author’s attention via the contact us page. However please bear in mind that this is a non-profit making website run entirely from spare time freely donated. This is often in short supply so please do not be offended if you don’t get an immediate answer!



Reporting broken links and spelling mistakes


CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk is run by a single author on a voluntary basis and inevitably typos and broken links will occur despite best intentions. I am very grateful for reporting of such mistakes by using the contact information on the contact us page. Given the volume of communication received, please do not be offended if you don’t receive an answer but be assured your comments have been noted and will be actioned at the earliest opportunity.



Where do you get your information for articles?


Sources used for each article are detailed in the master bibliography and/or the local references detailed on each page.



Where do you get all your pictures?


Unless specifically stated otherwise, all pictures are drawn from the personal library of the author of this site. To maximise the user experience, especially those on low bandwidth mobile connections, most photographs have been compressed to low quality JPEGs.



Can I use a picture from this site on another website or in a book/publication?


CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk does not charge for use of its media on other websites or publications (including those for commercial distribution). Full details are given in our terms and conditions but, in summary, the following rules apply:


1. With the exception of school magazines with an internal circulation only, please ask permission via the contact us page. High quality JPEGs (and often RAW files) can be provided upon request but please ensure you clearly specify what photographs you are after.


2. Copyright of the photographs/media is reserved.


3. All photographs must be labelled with appropriate credit namely "Photograph courtesy of James Lancaster / CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk. Copyright Reserved)". Online publications should include a digital link back to the CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk site.