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A series of articles and essays associated with castles, fortifications and/or battles in the United Kingdom.  

Hadrian's Wall - The Real Line of the Wall - Visiting Rome's Northern Frontier

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall: The Real Line

Hadrian’s Wall is a popular tourist destination for thousands of people who come to walk the National Trial. But all is not as it seems - the official walk deviates from the original line of the Wall in several areas.

This article provides a short history of the frontier and its wider context in Roman Britain, including consideration of its links with to the disappearance of the Ninth Legion, and then traces the Wall and the sea defences in their entirety from South Shields to Maryport.

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The Antonine Wall

The Antonine Wall: Rome’s Northernmost Frontier

Almost fifty years after the Romans had withdrawn from Scotland, they returned and established the Antonine Wall on the narrow neck of land between the Forth and the Clyde.  This frontier would endure for two decades.

This article provides a brief history of the frontier and the components that formed part of it followed by a tour along the line of the Wall as it exists today. The physical barrier was only part of the story however and we also look at the forts that flanked the Wall and extended north towards the Tay.

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Plymouth Sound Defences

Plymouth Sound

Plymouth Sound Defences

Plymouth has been well defended since the mid-Medieval period but decoding its history and the fortifications that still exist can be a huge challenge especially as so many of the later Victorian defences are abandoned or not open to the public.

This short article provides a narrative on the fortifications built around Plymouth Sound from the Normans through to World War II.

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Royal Citadel, Plymouth

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