Built upon a spur of land adjacent to the River Edw, Penarth Motte was a small fortification linked with the nearby settlement at Cregina. Little is known about the history of the site but it probably dated from the late eleventh or early twelfth century before being eclipsed by the fortifications at Hundred House.



Penarth Motte was a small earth and timber motte-and-bailey castle built on the high ground near the settlement of Cregina. Little is known about either the castle or the early history of Cregina itself. The first record to mention the settlement dates from 1180 at which point it was called Kreicvuruna and it is also likely the castle existed at this time.


The castle was built upon a spur of land sandwiched between the River Edw and a small tributary. The oval shaped mound was built over a natural hillock and was surrounded by a ditch except on the south side where the terrain made it superfluous. There is no evidence of a bailey although one may have existed to the north. Precisely how long the castle was occupied for is uncertain but it is likely it was over-shadowed by the fortifications at nearby Hundred House.




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What's There?

Penarth Motte consists of the earthwork remains of a late eleventh/early twelfth century motte-and-bailey fortification. The site is on private land and not accessible by the public but the earthworks can be clearly seen from the road.

Penarth Motte. The motte can be seen from the road but the site is on private land with no public access.

Penarth Motte / Hundred House. Three further fortifications were built at Hundred House just to the north. Colwyn Castle soon eclipsed the small fortification at Penarth.

Getting There

Penarth Motte is found off an unnamed road accessed from the A481 at the junction at the western end of Hundred House. It is not sign-posted but is directly adjacent to the road. On-road parking is possible with care.

Penarth Motte


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