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Thank you for visiting the Castles, Forts and Battles website which is a non-profit making venture aiming to promote awareness, understanding and interest in British fortifications. Please see below for our Terms and Conditions including use of the media hosted on this site.

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Thank you for visiting CastlesFortsBattles.com / CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk (hereafter collectively referred to as CFB). Your use of this website and associated content is governed by the Terms and Conditions set out below.



Website is provided on an ‘as is’ basis


This website is provided by the administrator on an "as is" basis; the information provided is to present a historical overview, promote interest in UK history and assist with planning historical days out. However access details regularly change and historic venues, whether manned or unmanned, are often closed due to a myriad of reasons. Even if still open, significant restoration work or events (e.g. promotional, weddings, conference etc) may be ongoing which could mar your visit. Therefore, before travelling to any site listed on CFB, you are strongly advised to check with the operator/owner that the relevant venue is accessible at the planned time of your visit.



Copyright / Re-using Media


Except where specifically stated otherwise all content, designs, text, photographs, graphics, software compilations and source codes on this website are the copyright of CFB and/or its content providers. Reproduction of part or all of the contents of this website in any form is prohibited.


Notwithstanding the above provision, a limited licence to use media (owned by CFB) on other websites, magazines, books or other published material MAY be granted subject to the following conditions:


1. With the exception of school magazines with an internal circulation only, permission must be sought through the contact us page. Details of the scope of the intended usage must be detailed in the request. Note that in most cases, high quality JPEGs (and often RAW files) can be provided upon request.


2. Copyright of the photographs/media is reserved.


3. All photographs must be labelled with appropriate credit namely "Photograph courtesy of James Lancaster / CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk. Copyright Reserved)". Online publications should include a digital link back to the CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk site.



Third Party Assets


Third party media, including mapping assets, are provided under the terms and conditions of the relevant providers. In particular the use of Google assets within CFB is governed exclusively by Google’s terms of service.



Warranties or Representations


No warranties or representations of any kind expressed or implied are given (and if any such warranties and representations arise by operation of law or otherwise they are hereby disclaimed to the fullest extent permitted by law) in connection with this site or its content including the completeness or accuracy of any of its contents.



Liability for Loss / Damage / Expenses


CFB its commissioners, employees, officers and/or agents shall not be liable for any loss or damages or expenses of any kind including without limitation compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages (including those incurred by trespass), loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property or claims by third parties howsoever arising (save for death or injury caused by CFB's negligence or that of its commissioners, employees, officers and agents) in connection with the copying or use of any information or material contained in or referred to on this website or otherwise from the use of this website.



Trespass (Deliberate or Accidental)


The majority of the castles, fortifications, battlefields and other venues listed are on private land and frequently permission must be sought before access. CFB does not endorse trespassing nor does it accept any responsibility for you accessing any venue/location without appropriate authority. Furthermore some locations have limited or no car parking available for public use. CFB cannot accept responsibility for illegal or unauthorised parking when visiting venues detailed on the website. All car parking recommendations are advisory only and should not be taken as authority to park in that location.



Protected Sites


The vast majority of locations listed on this website are protected by law and consent must be obtained from the Secretary of State before any alterations, additions, demolitions or repairs are carried out.





CFB reserves the right to withdraw all or part of this website, including any associated or subsidiary websites, at any time and without prior warning on either a temporary or permanent basis.





CFB reserves the right at its discretion to prohibit any link from another Internet site or equivalent entity to materials or information on this website. Without prejudice to that, any link to material or information on this website must be neither misleading nor deceptive and must clearly articulate CastlesFortsBattles.co.uk (or CastlesFortsBattles.com as appropriate) as the destination of the link. Inline linking (including all aspects of hotlinking and offsite image grabs) is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, no page or pages from this website may be framed by or with any third party content or otherwise made available to the public in conjunction with any third party content without the prior written consent of CFB.





CFB welcomes contributions by external authors (hereafter referred to as the provider). Content provided must either be free of copyright or be the intellectual property of the provider at the point of submission. Upon submission to CFB content that is free of copyright will become the property of CFB and subject to the Copyright provisions above. Content submitted to CFB and owned by the provider is done so on the strict agreement that an exclusive (unless agreed otherwise) licence to use the material is granted for an indefinite period. In all cases credit will be given to the original provider as agreed or in the links/bibliography section of this website for, at least, a reasonable period.



Cookie Policy


CFB does not currently use cookies. However advertising and content partners may use cookies in accordance with their own terms and conditions.





This website is a non-profit making venture aiming to promote awareness, understanding and interest in British fortifications. However, to partially offset the considerable expenses associated with hosting a graphical heavy site, travel to/from historical venues and software costs, advertising might be added to some parts of CFB without notice.



Contact Us


If you object to the publication of any material placed on this website or have a question or query relating to these terms and conditions, please contact CFB via the Contact Us page.